Coding Futures site makes use of cookies primarily for tracking purposes. As a UK website we are by law required to inform users that we use cookies and allow you the option to remove them.

All cookies used by Coding Futures are generated through 3rd parties, in particular Google Analytics. To protect users privacy browsers prevent third party sites from manipulating including deleting cookies from another site. Coding Futures cannot therefore provide you with an automated method of removal however detailed instruction on the removal of cookies can be found here

Preventing future cookies

This site obeys “Do Not Track” headers these are sent by browsers and are designed to be a way for a site visitor to indicate to the site that they do not wish to be tracked. When this site receives such a header, it does not generate the code that calls Google Analytics and so neither Coding Futures nor Google track your visit to this site via code generated by the site.

Do Not Track is supported in latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera but not Google Chrome.

For more details and instruction on enabling Do Not Track please can be found here

Google Chrome users

Currently Google Chrome does not support Do Not Track. For Google Chrome users there are 2 options:

The second option will prevent analytics tracking on this site and any other site making use of Google Analytics.

For more details please see our Privacy Policy.