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April 20th, 2011 in Capsule Development | Raplet Development

Everyone here has their favorite utilities, those things that make their job so much easier. For some it’s netbeans, others love cornerstone and some can’t get by without Balsamiq. But as the sales guy here at Coding Futures, the two tools I can’t live without are Rapportive and CapsuleCRM.

For those that don’t know, Rapportive is a great browser addon that works with Gmail, so when you’re reading somebody’s email, it trawls dozens of social networks for other forms of user information and displays it all in the side bar (for example, here is what you can see about one of our clients who shall remain nameless). It means when I’m working out how to reply to a potential client I can instantly get a feeling for the type of person they are.

Capsule is a cloud based CRM, but what makes special is it actually WORKS for a small company like us. Over the years I’ve evaluated dozens of CRM systems and most seemed either overly complicated, overly expensive or simply didn’t fit the way we worked, whereas we simply clicked with Capsule almost instantly. Tim loved it as it has an awesome API so my cries for consolidating all our different ways of interacting with customers into one place were easily answered and for me it did things like sales tracks as pipelines in a way I really understood.

Now, being quite demanding and having access to some great developers (as well as a Technical Director who understands the value of giving the Sales Director as much info as possible) it wasn’t long before we had opportunities, tasks and cases from Capsule showing up in Rapportive via custom plugin (known as a raplet) that we developed. I was a happy bunny and when I’m happy I like to tell people. In the process of evangelizing about both products we soon realised that there were lots of other people who wanted to do what we’d done, so we checked with the guys at Capsule to see if they would object to us adding our Capsule raplet to the Rapportive raplet directory. Not surprisingly, they thought it was a great idea and given all the other raplets were free, we wanted ours to be too.

This is the point where we have a small problem. Our Capsule raplet is designed solely for use by us and we think there are only a few days or so developing/testing time to get it to the point where it would work for other people, but as small development agency working to tight budgets we can’t really give away a day’s time. Therefore we’re looking for a company who would benefit from our raplet to sponsor our development time. We’re not looking for much money and we’re looking to make it free when completed, but we’ll happily do a follow up blog post on saying what awesome folks you are for doing this and make sure you get access to pre-release versions etc.

Even if you’re not interested in sponsoring this project you may want to take advantage of our skills in other ways. We’ve now become exceptionally proficient at interacting with both Rapportive and Rapsule and are happy to take on custom work allowing them to integrate with other products, just contact us for more information.


Glenn Pegden
Glenn's background is a unique mix of sales, technology and customer service. In 2010 started acting as the sales force of NewMedias. When NewMedias were acquired by Coding Futures in 2011 he took up to role of Sales Director.