What is PRINCE2?

November 20th, 20126

PRINCE2, or PRojects IN Controlled Environments, is a process-based approach to project management consisting of a rigorous but scalable framework that can be applied in a variety of industries.

PRINCE2 is the favoured approach of the British government and, as such, can be found being widely employed in the public sector in the UK, but is also used to great effect in private industry across the globe.

There are seven guiding principles behind the PRINCE2 framework that define how any project should be approached. They are as follows:

  1. Business Justification
  2. The project must, first and foremost, make sense for the business. This means both that the end product is one that is desirable, and that the way the project is completed involves appropriate allocation of resources, including time.

  3. Learning from Experience
  4. Practitioners of PRINCE2 must learn from their past projects, and constantly use the knowledge they develop to inform their future endeavours. A log of issues, successes and risks should be kept throughout each project, and should be consulted in the future.

  5. Defined Roles
  6. Properly specified and distributed roles and responsibilities should be a cornerstone of any successful project. Everyone involved in the project should know exactly what they are supposed to be doing, and exactly how what they are doing contributes to the final goal.

  7. Manage by Stages
  8. The overall project should be broken down into smaller, manageable chunks or stages that are to be well defined and monitored.

  9. Manage by Exception
  10. Following on from the third point, responsibilities are to be appropriately limited - this means everyone should do, and be informed about, everything necessary but no more. This helps ensure efficiency across the board, and minimises redoubling of efforts.

  11. Focus on Products
  12. PRINCE2 itself is a process-based methodology, but part of this involves ensuring that, at all times, the end goal (or product) of the project is kept in mind. The product must be fully defined right from the offset, and it’s nature should dictate the work done, rather than vice versa.

  13. Tailoring/Adaptability
  14. The best PRINCE2 practitioners will not simply follow the approach by the letter, but will scale the basic principles up or down depending on the scope and nature of the project.

    For more information, and to apply for PRINCE2 training courses, follow this link: https://www.trainingdeals.co.uk/courses/prince2-training/