Office Break-in

August 22nd, 2012 in General News

“Well that was a shit day”

- Barry Carlyon

Yesterday morning at around 1.45 two or more youths smashed the glass in one of the external doors to the office building we work from. Around 2.10 a light comes on in the corridor where our office is our motion sensor camera activates, a little while after people enter our room and a few seconds later our internal office audible alarm sounds…

How to break in to the Coding Futures Office

Please note some steps have been shortened or removed

Not much to say other then you would have thought they could if they make a habit of stealing iMacs buy gloves*

In their hurry they dropped one of the iMacs

Thankfully no client data is stored on the machines, and the machines are set to remote wipe and lock when they next visit a network with a net connection. As additional precaution we spent the day, resetting passwords and revoking ssh keys. Today starts the task of rebuilding development environments on temporary machines and dealing with insurance companies and Apple to organise replacements. Long term we need to look at what additional security we could have introduced. We were lucky we have a emergency plan in place it’s so far worked well and machines can be replaced, not everyone is in that situation, for anyone reading might be time to re-look at your security.

We would like to apologise to all current clients and customers, there maybe some delay in communication and in development work while we get back on our feet. We have access to the office once again as of this morning so things hopefully will get back to normal quickly.

If you are in the greater Leeds area and someone offers you some 27″ iMacs would you mind getting there address?

*Dave our resident crime specialist points out this is probably as if stopped they are not carrying gloves in summer which would be rather suspicious.